blogmas, december tbr, and ranting

Hello hello hello! It is FINALLY December, and I cannot tell you how happy I am that November is over. I hope your month is off to a great start! ❤ Happy December 1st, y’all.

For me, it’s a time for new beginnings, even if it may be the last few weeks in 2019 – in this decade, in fact. I’m looking forward to moving into 2020 and leaving some of my stress behind. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I’m not here to rant (well, I am, but I’ll get to that later). What I want to start with is some exciting news – I’m going to be doing Blogmas this year!

BUT TARA, I hear you say. Isn’t that far too ambitious? Too much for work, for someone who can barely keep it together as it is?

Alright, I know I’m inconsistent. Quit it 😂

Yes, I’m already fully prepared for this to turn into a complete carcrash of a Blogmas. I still have a lot going on (more on that later) but I really want to try and do this. I know I’ve been sort of absent recently, and I want to give back to you guys, for still reading my posts and supporting me, no matter how all over the place I am.

Another thing motivating me is my… well, my NaNoWriMo failure. It’s not exactly failing, because I still have a first draft that I’m proud of, even if it’s still kinda incomplete. But I didn’t quite reach the 50,000 words I was aiming for, and so I didn’t get my win. It’s alright, though. Once exams are over for a little while, I’ll revisit the draft and work it into more of a story.

But right now, my focus is going to be on putting out 25 amazing blog posts that I hope you guys will enjoy! I’ve spent this weekend writing a few in advance to combat the exam overload I have this week…

Something else I wanted to share is my TBR for the month of December. I unfortunately didn’t do one of these for November, but I’m getting back on track now. Here are the books I’m hoping to read in the next month!


~ Ghosts of the Shadow Market ~
cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson, Kelly Link, and Robin Wasserman

I KNOW. This book came out in June, and I still haven’t got around to reading it. Being the biggest TSC fan in the world, I’m somewhat disappointed in myself. But no fear – I’m doing it now. I’m so excited for this novella bindup, mainly because it features so many of my favourite characters – Jem, most importantly, but also Lily, Alec, Magnus, Raphael… basically the best people ever. SO HYPED.

~ Crossfire ~

Malorie Blackman

This is the fifth installment in the Noughts & Crosses series – aka one of my favourite book series ever! I’m DYING to read this and get to know these characters again. After four incredible books, things can only get better. Crossfire follows the lives of Callie Rose and Tobey, as well as some old favourites and some new characters. It’s set to be amazing and to continue the original story, where it all started with Callum and Sephy.

~ Mistletoe and Murder ~

Robin Stevens

I’ve already read this, but… come on. A Christmassy murder mystery? I am IN. I absolutely love this book, not just the plot but also the characters! Hazel and Daisy are, as always, amazing, but we also get to see Alexander and George, as well as many other hilarious and witty people. Robin Stevens is such a brilliant writer, and I always love to revisit the Wells and Wong world for fun.

And there we are! A quick TBR to keep me focused throughout the month. Now, just before I go, here’s a few paragraphs of me ranting about how bad November was. Feel free to skip this, if you’d prefer. I won’t mind. Promise!

So I mentioned earlier that I was excited about leaving some of my stress behind in this decade. And I really am. This year has been way more difficult than I could’ve ever expected – especially the last month or so. My mental health has been shocking, but so has my physical health. I was off school ill for a whole week, and still haven’t fully recovered. I’ve been on and off vitamins, antibiotics, and different regimes for a while now, and it’s draining.

Many small things have just accumulated, and it’s getting the better of me. Life is constantly tearing me down, and I can’t go more than a few hours without drama at school, or a deadline to meet, or music lessons or extra dance practice or homework or whatever else. Damn, I’m tired just saying it 😂

I’ve never had the best sleep schedule, but recently it’s been dreadful, especially as it actually matters at the moment. Prelims, exams, homework… sucking the life out of me. I’m about halfway through the exam diet, and already about to collapse… but we keep fighting, correct? I have a lot to look forward to. Pantomimes, school concerts, and CHRISTMAS. And then the New Year, which is always fun.

I set huge expectations for the upcoming year, and on January 1st I set out specific plans, goals, and targets to meet. And guess what? I NEVER fulfill them. Not once have I completed every single aim I outlined for myself. And that’s okay!

This year, my approach isn’t so headstrong. I want to ease myself into the new year, and make changes gradually, rather than launching into a brand new routine on day one. Sounds simple, but I already know it’ll probably fall to pieces by the seond week. See, the thing is, after this year, I want things to improve. I know it won’t happen instantly, so I’m not setting my hopes too high.

On a lighter note, I am excited for Christmas. I wasn’t really aware of how close it was until yesterday, when there was a St. Andrews day procession in the street and suddenly it hit me that it was the end of November! Which means IT’S DECEMBER FINALLY OH MY GOSH I’M SO HAPPY. There are so many awesome things to look forward to. This is my favourite time of the year, and I want to make the most of it! I hope you do too.

And that’s all for today! I really hope you’ve enjoyed. Be sure to leave a comment if you’re doing Blogmas this year, so I can get myself hyped to read all of the awesome posts that’ll soon be streaming into my Reader!

I wish you all the best for December, and I’ll see you again tomorrow. Thank you so much for reading!! ❤

Tara x


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