blogmas check-in and life updates

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a nice Sunday. Today’s post is more chilled-out, because I’m going to be doing an overview of the Blogmas events from this past week, as well as sharing what’s coming up next week ❀

So over the past week, I’ve shared so many fun posts! It’s been amazing to be write these and put them out into the world, and I’ve worked really hard to try and make quality content for you guys.

Unfortunately, I had a little blip in the middle of the week, and wasn’t able to put out any posts for two days. But I’m glad I took the time to look after myself and my mental health during this stressful exam diet, and work hard to create really good posts rather than just putting up something I wrote in only half an hour.

Anyway, here are the posts I’ve put up in the last week! I’ve linked to them if you’d like to go and check them out (no pressure, though!) ❀

I also have somewhat of a schedule that I want to show you, with some of my upcoming Blogmas posts…

  • Sunday 8th – this post!
  • Monday 9th – How to Relax During Exam Season
  • Tuesday 10th – Best Christmas Films of All Time
  • Wednesday 11th – My Christmas Wish List
  • Thursday 12th – Book Review
  • Friday 13th – not sure I’ll be able to post as I have my jazz exam, but if I do it’ll be a surprise to you and me both πŸ˜‚
  • Saturday 14th – 2019: Bookish Year In Review

Time for some life updates, in case anyone cares! Doing this here so I don’t have to clutter my other Blogmas posts, haha.

So I have my ballet exam today, and honestly I’m really nervous. I do know all of the exercises, but I’m just worried about forgetting the steps or my technique lacking. I suffered a foot injury last week and I’m still kind of in recovery, so hoping that nothing goes too badly wrong. There’s a lot riding on this exam so I really want to do well.

School exams haven’t been too bad! I’ve had a lot of my results back, and for the most part I’m happy! I got an A1 in English and maths, and an A2 in chemistry and music. Then I got my French speaking test results back… B3. So there’s room for improvement, but that’s okay. I’m still waiting on my history prelim and my physics unit assessment back, and I have my physics prelim next week… yay 😫

By the way, our grading system is mental, I know! To sum it up, I’m aiming for an A (either an A1 or A2) in all of my subjects. Thinking I should make a post sometime all about school – the system here, which subjects I’m taking, etc. Probably in January sometime πŸ‘

I’ve been drowning in music theory this week, as I’m doing my grade 5 theory exam in March and it’s been confirmed. So I had an hour-long theory lesson with my piano teacher on Friday and now my brain is absolutely frazzled πŸ˜‚ Have a ton of past papers to do for Wednesday, which is fun.

There have been a lot of last-minute rehearsals at school for our Christmas concert next week. I’m in a bunch of groups (senior girls choir, senior mixed choir, wind band, senior string orchestra… *face palm*) and not one of them is prepared in any way! We’re having a bit of a panic at girls choir because none of us know the words to one of the songs we’re performing, which is a comforting thought to be having less than a week before the concert…

Christmas preparations are also underway in other areas of life. We’re putting up our Christmas tree next weekend, and I’m also seeing a pantomime with my dance school. My mum and I went shopping for some more presents and I’m looking forward to having a wrapping session soon!

So that’s all for today’s post, I really hope you’ve enjoyed! Let me know in the comments if you’re enjoying Blogmas so far, and which posts you’d like to see in the future.

Have an awesome evening and I’ll see you all tomorrow! ❀

Tara x


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